Week 1- Sewing With Toddlers (The Carmat/Pillow of Awesomeness)


Okay, you probably look at all of the beautiful and carefully styled finished projects online and think, why do they have it so together and I can barely walk through my house without tripping on dirty laundry?  There is something about how we present ourselves online that gives off a false sense of awesomeness- like we don’t want to admit to the world that things aren’t always so easy.  With the generation of snapchats, selfies and instagram I fear this will only perpetuate the problem.  So today, I present to you, a real life look at sewing with toddlers at home.  Enjoy.

Here is my inspiration fabric.  I am in love with all of the rounds that Rikipedia Custom Fabrics offers and I was able to get this Vroom Vroom fabric on a pre-order awhile back.  With two boys in the house there are more matchbox cars than I can count.

Yup, it’s not even in focus.  This is the life of sewing with toddlers.

These rounds also make awesome circle skirts like on my Sahara here from Bella Sunshine Designs.


They are having a big end of the year sale with the code CYA2017 so go check out their awesome patterns here and stock up for all your 2018 projects.

So anyways, these rounds come in a variety of sizes and I love the detail and quality.


So I laid out my fabric on the kitchen floor (the only space I have large enough) with a denim fabric underneath, cut both out in a circle and clipped them together.


I do not remember my sewing life prior to wonder clips, they are life.


You love the action shots, right?  Well I should show you the underside of the fabric that is covered in dog hair.  Good thing the pillow fits in the washing machine (barely) and I am gifting it to a dog loving family.

What a normal blog post would fail to mention is my 5 year old was in the living room screaming at me the entire time that I am a horrible mommy for not turning on the TV and my 2 year old was desperate to help me and kept stealing my scissors and trying to cut into my custom round fabric.

He’s really cute but in a devilish sort of way, you know?

I then realized that I needed the right sides of my fabric together, unclipped everything and flipped the fabrics so the right sides were facing together and clipped everything all over again.  Luckily I like clipping things.

Sewing- This project is literally the easiest to sew.  You sew right sides together but leave a hole large enough for your arm to go through, turn the pillow inside out, stuff to your heart’s content, and close the hole with a simple straight stitch.


The other inspiration for this project was the gigantic box of poly-fil I have taking up too much space in my sewing room from a project LAST christmas.  I was hoping to use all of it in this pillow and get this box out from under my feet.


While I was trying to sew the outside of my pillow my toddler dumped all of my wonder clips out from this truck they were sitting in.


Then I realized there were pins in there also. Excellent.  Magnetic pin holder for the win!



Next comes the montage of stuffing pictures where I had not one, but two kids helping me stuff (this was a good helping project for that) as well as a mini-wrestling session to make sure the “fluff” was at the proper level.




IMG_20171228_083022805.jpgThen I clipped the hole closed carefully and sewed it shut.  I even went crazy and tried to match my thread (green on the top, blue on the bottom).  You wish you were this fancy (the truth is they were sitting right next to my machine, do I look like I have enough time to match thread?)


Present finished.  It’s a car mat, pillow, large expensive dog bed.  I hope the family I’m giving it to likes it.

I have two more rounds like this I will probably find a project for in 2018 in the 52 Week Sewing Challenge. Or maybe I’ll do something else.  You’ll have to wait and see!

Until then,


*As always, this blog post may contain affiliate links.  If you purchase an item using one of these links I may receive a small commission, which only fuels my sewing habit!  Thank you.

Kelsey’s 2018 Sewing Goals

  • Sew a Cowl
  • Sew a Wrap Dress
  • Sew a Pair of Jeans
  • Sew a Zipper
  • Sew a Button
  • Sew a Christmas Tree Skirt
  • Sew a Matchbox Car Mat (or two) √
  • Create a handmade wardrobe
  • Open up an Etsy Shop with Embroidery Patterns

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