Apparently there is this hashtag going around Instagram called #2018makenine, a low stress challenge designed to help you set creative goals for 2018.  I first learned about it here.  Well just like the 52 Week Sewing Challenge, I’m all about setting goals.

So I decided to create my top 9 sewing goals with you for 2018, and I hope you’ll do the same.  Now don’t judge yourself by my goals, everyone’s sewing journey is different.  Some of these projects might be too easy or too hard for you (many are probably too hard for me) but I’m being ambitious.  I have been actively sewing on and off for around 5 years but more regularly for the last 2 and while I feel confident in some things, I know I have a long ways to go.  So without further ado, here is my #2018makenine list for this year.

  1. Liana Jeans from Itch to Stitch
The Modern Tomato

A real pair of honest to goodness jeans is on the top of my #2018makenine list this year.  These are the Liana Jeans from Itch to Stitch who won me over when I got a chance to test the Bellavista Top earlier this year.  Why are these at the top of my list?  Buttons. Zippers. Wearability Factor.  I am scared yet excited to tackle this project in 2018.

2. Gazelle Ladies Footed Tights


The Gazelle Ladies Footed tights from the Wolf and the Tree are on my #2018makenine list because I went a little crazy at the fabric store last year and have a ton of stretch lace in my stash.  And while this pattern can be made with 2 or 4 way stretch and a variety of fabrics from sweater knit to cotton lycra, it’s the stretch lace that I think gives it the wow factor.  I think this would probably be my husband’s favorite on the list if I had to guess.

3. Maxi Dress


In 2017 I made these two beautiful dresses, the Sunshine and Boundless both from Patterns for Pirates.  They are great summer staples and there are even hacks on the P4P Blog on how to add sleeves, but I kind of want something else.  Something with sleeves yes, but also something new and different. I’m hoping one of the designers I test for will have a maxi dress this year than I can fall in love with.

4. Bra


Making a good fitting bra might be one of the most technically difficult things on my list.  I may take Beverly Johnson’s Craftsy class for this one.  It has good reviews and I feel like I might need a little hand holding to get me through.  But if the end result is a perfectly fitting bra, sign me up!

5. Riki Blazer George and Ginger


George and Ginger has been seriously revamping their pattern line and moving to a more modern women’s only fashion line.  I have been watching her retire some of the older patterns that don’t fit the updated model and was lucky enough to snag up the Riki Blazer before it retired. However, don’t be discouraged as she has a new testing group and big plans for 2018 and I bet something even better is on the way.  I’m excited to sew up a woman’s blazer in 2018 and this is so far my top pick.

6. Drawer of Underwear


I have made one pair of Scrundlewear (aka Scrundies) from Stitch Upon a Time for myself, and they are not very hard technically.  Now that I also have access to a coverstitch machine, I can finish the seams rather nicely.  What has been hard for me is finding the time to make a whole drawer full. I’m thinking about 20 new pairs of these and their Bunzies pattern and I can toss all my old tired and ill-fitting underwear, which is exactly my goal in 2018.

7. Purse

Swoon Harriet from Pinterest

Shopping for a new purse in 2017 was annoying and nightmarish, so in 2018 I want to make my own.  The requirements are a closure on top, handles to fit comfortably over my arms and enough space to fit my wallet, cell phone, sunglasses, chapstick, matchbox cars, diapers/wipes, changes of clothing, random chocolate for emergencies and all those goldfish crumbs I can never seem to get out of there.  Okay maybe it needs to be biggish.  The Harriet from Swoon seems to fit the bill.  I’m thinking brown and navy for colors or some of the leftover #vroomvroom fabric from Rikiwear that I used to make that huge carmat/pillow here. I’m definitely going to need to do some research for materials and support on this one.  Luckily the Swoon FB page is very active and supportive so I”ll probably be spending some of my 2018 in there.

8. Button Up Shirt


I need to learn how to make an honest to goodness dress blouse with buttons.  The Mila Shirt from Itch to Stitch might be a good choice for this goal.  I like how it only has buttons down half of the front but I also might be persuaded to try a pattern with buttons completely down the front as well.  This is another type of pattern I would love to see more of in 2018.

9. Lunchbag


Alright Simplicity says it is easy so it must be true!  I have this sad and tired lunchbox with a broken zipper that I’ve been lugging around the lunchroom for way to long, and it’s time for an upgrade.  This pattern from Simplicity itself might not be a huge challenge, but I’ve actually never used a paper pattern in my adult life (gasp!) so the challenge or new thing here will be to tackle a paper pattern.  If I’m smart about it I’ll find some good PUL in my stash from the days of making cloth diapers for my kids for the lining and this will make the lunch bag wipeable and washable which is a necessary if you ask me.

So I hope you liked my #2018makenine list, and I can’t wait to see what’s on yours!  If you would like some support, motivation and inspiration come join the 52 Week Sewing Challenge on FB and we’ll get you sewing up your 2018 goals in no time!

Until then,


*As always, this blog post contains affiliate links.  If you purchase an item using one of these links I may receive a small commission, which only fuels my sewing habit!  Thank you.

Kelsey’s 2018 Sewing Goals

  • Sew a Cowl √
  • Sew a Wrap Dress
  • Sew a Pair of Jeans
  • Sew a Zipper
  • Sew a Button
  • Sew a Christmas Tree Skirt
  • Sew a Matchbox Car Mat (or two) √
  • Create a handmade wardrobe
  • Sew a Bra
  • Sew a Drawer Full of Underwear
  • Sew a Maxi Dress
  • Sew a Blazer
  • Sew a Pair of Tights
  • Sew a Button Up Shirt
  • Sew a Purse
  • Sew a Lunchbag
  • Sew From a Paper Pattern
  • Open up an Etsy Shop with Embroidery Patterns


4 thoughts on “#2018MakeNine

  1. Best of luck to you with your 2018 goals!!! It’ll be fun and inspiring to watch your progress. I am reluctant to speak my one and only 2018 sewing goal (besides the 52 week challenge), but I’ll sneak it here in your comment section with the hope that it’ll motivate me without haunting me… I must at least TRY to sew something (anything) with a knit fabric!


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