BSD Clementine and Skirt Hack

It’s like the stars are aligning…

The Clementine Dress from Bella Sunshine Designs just released and I had the opportunity to test this lovely pattern. It has come just in time for color blocking week at the 52 Week Sewing Challenge!

Pattern Information
•Sizes – Ladies 0 to 30 (see listing for measurements)
•Layers option
•A0 print shop file
•Trim patterns formatted for letter and A4

There is also a built in FBA which takes the guesswork out of getting the perfect fit!

I had written in my #2018makenine post that I wanted someone to come out with an amazing maxi pattern, and Clementine does not disappoint!

The skirt is very flowy and can be made with knit or woven.  In this first version I used my amazing BeeBox fabric from Vinegar and Honey.  It was a woven crepe that I had no idea what to use it for, but it was a perfect pairing with black cotton lycra for this version.

IMG_20180128_154254 (1)

The skirt is big enough to hide a small child!  (Evidence in picture below, there is a small child hiding under my skirt). My toddler now runs around hiding under this dress whenever he gets a chance- which is often because I have been wearing my Clementine dresses all the time.

For my second version, I sewed up a beautiful double brushed poly I got locally.


I tried to capture the beautiful sunset by my house but modeling is a hard job.  The sunset is beautiful but the colors in my dress didn’t shine through the same.

These pictures do a little better job.  My photographer kept cutting off the bottom of my skirt.  This dress is made for full length photos!

Here is that beautiful fabric in better (aka school fluorescent selfie at work) lighting.  These dresses have been perfect for teaching- comfortable but still dressy and no nylons required.


I had a little fun color blocking the banded maxi bottom with an ombre effect.  It almost makes it look like a border print!  This would be a great color blocking pattern for next week’s challenge on the 52 Week Sewing Challenge.


Then, I loved the dress so much I decided to hack the pattern to make a maxi skirt.  The inspiration was I washed up this amazing green floral french terry fabric and accidentally placed in on top of some coral sweater knit.


When I saw the two fabrics side by side, I couldn’t get the pair of them out of my head!  I used just the skirt portion of the pattern and added an elastic for the waistband.  I fussed a little with the length and finally settled at cutting just about at my natural waist size. My suggestion would be sew the elastic together and check it on your body before you sew and coverstitch the elastic to your waistband to avoid ripping a TON of stitching out if it feels too tight (ask me how I know).

I created a box with an X in it to secure the elastic into the round, and then used clips to mark the elastics into quarters. The skirt has so much gather to it in the pattern that I decided to create small pleats for a slightly different effect.


Then I basted the skirt to the waistband and then serged the entire thing.  I then folded the elastic over once and coverstitched the waistband to finish it.  I love the result.  It pairs beautifully with the Ballerina Tie Top I made from The Wolf and the Tree that was featured in One Thimble 18 this month.


You can get your copies of the new Clementine dress here:

Ladies Clementine: Ladies Clementine Dress
Girls Clementine: Girls Clementine Dress
Pattern Bundle: Bundle Clementine Dress

These are on sale for the new release until Sunday March 11th.  Also today and tomorrow (March 10-11) their is a site wide sale where are BSD patterns are 30% off so its a great time to stock up!

I hope you enjoy this pattern as much as I do, and I can’t wait to see pictures of your creations! If you would like some support, motivation and inspiration come join the 52 Week Sewing Challenge on FB and we’ll get you sewing up your 2018 goals in no time!

Until then,


*As always, this blog post contains affiliate links.  If you purchase an item using one of these links I may receive a small commission, which only fuels my sewing habit!  Thank you.

Kelsey’s 2018 Sewing Goals

  • Sew a Cowl √
  • Sew a Wrap Dress√  (I didn’t blog about it but here is Roxy wearing my Wanda Wrap Dress by Wardrobe by Me Patterns
  • Sew a Pair of Jeans
  • Sew a Zipper √  (Again I was so busy sewing I didn’t blog but I made this Game of Thrones inspired Rad Cosplay Suit.)20180224_094324-COLLAGE
  • Sew a Button
  • Sew a Christmas Tree Skirt
  • Sew a Matchbox Car Mat (or two) √
  • Create a handmade wardrobe
  • Sew a Bra
  • Sew a Drawer Full of Underwear
  • Sew a Maxi Dress √
  • Sew a Blazer
  • Sew a Pair of Tights
  • Sew a Button Up Shirt
  • Sew a Purse
  • Sew a Lunchbag
  • Sew From a Paper Pattern
  • Open up an Etsy Shop with Embroidery Patterns



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